Terms of Use

Please read these terms of use prior to using the MUGA. You must agree to them before being able to make a booking. They are important for safety as well as for maintenance.

  • Play from 9am until 9pm.
  • Sessions can be booked in hourly slots.
  • Bookings will have priority. It is advisable to book to avoid disappointment.
  • If there is no booked session, members are free to use the facility.
  • You are responsible for cancelling any bookings you have made but can’t keep. Bookings can be cancelled on the website.
  • Please remember that this is a community facility and show courtesy to other players and neighbouring residents.
  • Trainers only – no studs or spikes.
  • No glass & please put litter and chewing gum in the bin.
  • Please handle all equipment with care and store tennis/netball posts and nets at inside edge when not in use.
  • Goal posts to be secured at all times, even when not in use.
  • Please lock gate on leaving to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Replacement keys to be paid for – £10
  • Vandalism – unfortunately this has been a problem. Please look out for broken glass and any other damage prior to use. The hinges on double emergency access gates have been tampered with in the past. This has been repaired and measures have been made to prevent this happening again but we ask you to be vigilant and report any problems.

Download a Printable Terms of Use