Group Booking

If you are interested in starting or already running a sporting group, be it football, tennis or netball, the Flitton & Greenfield MUGA is the perfect venue. The excellent facilities include floodlighting and exclusive all year round access.

Please take a look at the Price List for information about the cost of running your group and how to use the facility’s floodlighting.

Also, please read the Terms of Use and make sure all the members of your group also understand them.

To make or renew a group booking click here to and then go to the Request a Group Booking tab. If you are new to FG MUGA click here to register for a new account.

The MUGA is currently closed in line with Government Regulations during Lockdown 3

Sadly no bookings can be made until we know when we can re-open again. we will post notification here and on the Parish Council website